Friday, 22 November 2013

This is a good drift for helping remove a big end . I made it from a piece of old steel scaffolding tube off-cut which happened to be on the edge of a pavement I was walking along near abuilding site ! 

Inevitably a new big end is expensive as it is made of very high quality steel and rollers. This one cost me £130; but for single cylinder Norton's I have seen the same bearing priced at £200 and I don't mean for a Manx model which is very different type of big end bearing.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

crank at work !

Managed to get hold of a very good condition standard conrod.
It is getting more difficult to source stuff like this as some things people sell are very poor having been left outside for years. 

Testing the trueness of the drive side flywheel. For some reason the timing side wheel seems perfectly straight but I can detect a slight high spot on the drive side wheel. The main concern is if it is caused by a bend in the main shaft.