Tuesday, 11 March 2014

season starting

Got machine out of garage first time this year.

Seems ages since I sat on the old bike since it has been on the trailer.

Not happy with plate holding competition number plate; must modify it soon. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Had wonderful visit this morning to the Scottish Motorcycle Show in Edinburgh. Spent some time speaking with the " Yorkshire ferret" -AKA Shaun and Ben Waters- do visit the great website .


Bob McIntyre in Joe Pott's workshop in Bellshill. The" Joe Pott's Garage" display at the show is a homage to this time- and is shown around the country apparently- is a must for enthusiasts of this period and the activities in Bellshill especially. It is a fantastic achievement to behold -what I had thought had disappeared- racing hardware faithfully re-engineered. A very fitting tribute to the " boys" who kept the British flag flying and I cannot even imagine anyone else doing it all so professionally .
Certainly worthy of a much wider audience. Congratulations to Shaun and Ben Waters.

The finished bike was on display by the quite remarkable chaps of the Yorkshire ferret team.

Their painstaking efforts and keenness for fine engineering, detailing and employing the highest standards are as much a reflection of their reverence to Bob McIntyre/Joe Potts  and their team as the bikes themselves.
A blueprint of a standard Manx Norton engine
The great man, Bob McIntyre  working on a Manx Norton .

Friday, 7 March 2014


Wonderful website on desmodromic valve gear. The 1957 design by Hopwood and Hele to try and keep Norton's competitive was an impressive effort by a British factory.I wonder why they did not work with Joe Potts on a joint effort.