Monday, 14 July 2014

Driving though glorious Yorkshire on Sunday morning I saw many of the yellow painted bikes as a tribute to the Tour de France...unfortunately the weather was not as kind for the York raceway sprint meeting I attended. It was wet. The great  organisers as is common practice let the cars have much of the early time when it looked like it might dry up.... this delay for bikers meant we did not have much time for spanner work if things were needing it.

When things did go wrong and the old girl refused to pick up revs...... I found the primary chain was so tight you could play a tune on time home for a 5 hours drive.

You can see the wet here. I don't mean me.

...these pics are Richard  Cravens wonderfully developed Vincent / Norton....I took at York. Quite a character...but don't be fooled...he still shows  the young guns the way.

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