Friday, 14 September 2012

Beveridge Park, Kirkaldy around of riders about to go on to the track which was and  is no wider than most public park perimeter roads ! Racing is no longer allowed .
Very much a riders track it attracted many great names and was frequented by the great  Bob McIntyre .
The " A. Forbes" finishing second to Ronnie Mann was in fact Arthur Forbes and not Alex as the text shows.
My 350cc Norton on the trailer ready for the off. It is actually a boat trailer as I also have a small hydroplane.
...still some straps needed to hold it on....I confess I tend to have too many bits of webbing and rope to ensure it is secure. A bike coming off a trailer is the stuff of nightmares.When stopping off at  service station I always try and park within sight.If it means a lot to will mean something to less upright people and nowadays security is always a concern.

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