Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In this picture I am trying a short  megaphone on the exhaust but I feel that for sprinting, especially 1/4 miles stuff a straight pipe is very much better.There are an increasing number of tracks which demand relatively low sound levels.
I am experimenting with baffles to keep the noise within limits.

The machine has a Manx Norton alloy tank; alloy racing Borriani rims and special racing cams.

The frame is wideline featherbed norton and was one of the last before they changed to the slimline version.The basic engine is not strictly speaking suitable for this type of sport but as they say...it is all I have and possibly all I want though a manx model would be nice.
The oily stuff on the ground is expensive castrol R racing oil which spat out when a pipe came loose.
The freezing wind early in the season could cut your face off.

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