Wednesday, 12 September 2012

In the late 1960's I was a  weekend race mechanic to a couple of chaps who raced as I had no money for such activity.

It was a constant wonder to me where they got that kind of money even though it was a very amateur affair.They do say however that if you wait until you can afford motorsport you will never start.

I recall helping the late Jock Findlay ( race number 33 at the above event) unload one of his Manx Nortons from his van.
 I thought it much heavier than expected and he gave a big grin when he saw me struggle. He was already fully kitted in leathers and helmet although it was early morning.
 I little knew that in a couple of months time he would take wins in both the Senior and Junior classes in the Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix races.
                                                                 John Findlay

Beveridge Park in Kirkaldy was very dangerous due to trees lining the road. It was and indeed still is a true public park and lovely to walk around.
It was a constant disappointment to me that they did not allow part of the course to be used as a hillclimb as it was fairly steep.
A pal was badly injured at the above sponsored event when he collided with a Bultaco.

We parked one year at Beveridge Park next to this Manx Norton ...the smell of Castrol R racing oil and newly cut grass......very evocative mixture and still brings back memories.
It was an era that has been revived by many riders in the past years.

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