Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My machine was made in 1960  - Bracebridge Street Birmingham, and has had a number of modifications made by me over the years. It is only since  I retired that I have been able to spend some time on preparing it. So far I have concentrated on using it as a sprinter. Early days- though I am nearly at pensionable age.

I live north of Glasgow in Scotland so there are few places to use it . Crail Raceway in the far East of Fife offers the nearest place for a blast and bike category events there tend to come under the auspises of the Scottish drag bike club.http://scottishdragbikeclub.co.uk/

I am a member of both the NSA (National Sprint Association) and also the Scottish Classic Racing Motorcycle Club.

Kirkbride in Cumbria is quite near Carlisle on the border and I hope they keep holding events there as it is the closest where NSA events are held.

I tow my Norton on a trailer and I feel that is about as far as you can tow and still feel it was an easy drive. A van is really necessary for further afield and also provides an overnight home.

I had the misfortune of breaking the small end last season and parts are becoming rare and expensive.

Though parts are expensive it is not as expensive as running a Manx Model.

Many events nowadays are for both cars and bikes which makes sense as both need the same infrastructure.Sometimes they even talk to each other !
I run the bike on ordinary unleaded pump petrol. The carb is standard Amal monobloc but it is a 389 model giving a larger intake diameter.Main jet size is always a matter of trial and error .
I also have designed and built a small hydroplane but the old Norton takes up too much of my time to give it the attention it is due.


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